“Our pool is amazing. If you need help with getting your pool looking like the resort destination pools, then contact Doug at ASP, America’s Swimming Pool. Our pool is over 30 years old and now looks new, like it did when it was first built. We’ve had tiles replaced twice and replastered once. For years we’ve bought so many expensive chemicals, and used pool services that we’d call back for repeats because the kids they hired just didn’t put in the effort. I’m sure there are some great services out there. We spent so much money on chemicals throughout the year. Sometimes you can swim for 10 months. Doug brought our pool from ‘green to clean’ using his chemicals, and replaced parts in the pump for a better price than we could find them. We now have a quiet pump, clear blue water, and an amazing looking pool. I can return unopened pool chemicals..and let Doug manage everything. Not only do we have customer satisfaction, but we are happy with his work ethics. He delivers what he sells. Don’t wait to call him. He is a very busy man and provides excellent service.” – N. K.

“Doug has provided me with the best service I have had in three years. I had no confidence in the last people. I like the email system he uses to let me know my pool’s condition. Thanks” – J. P.

“If you are in need of a pool company in the San Antonio area I highly recommend this company. First class service and fair prices.” – J. Y.

“I highly recommend ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Co. for all of your pool needs. Doug & Co. takes great pride in his work and knows how to make your pool glisten! We don’t have to worry about the pool; we just enjoy it!” – K. Y.

“Doug is awesome! He takes great care of my pool.” – K. L.